FC Bayern


Desktop and mobile web


UX Writer


Adobe CC

I was asked to summarise key highlights from 5 Bundesliga matches to give context to the audio and visual elements. This involved researching the matches, giving logic to UI elements, describing key moments, and understanding how they fit within the user experience.


I started be rewatching each match I was asked to work on to get familiar with the fan experience. After watching the matches, I read a wide range of match reports to become familiar with writing and description within sport.

When I was finally ready to write, I listened to the audio provided for each key moment. This helped me to describe the sounds users will hear, as well as the context for why they are hearing them.

The team included UX Designers, Interaction Designers, Product Managers, Creative Directors
I worked mainly in Sketch, Paper, Ulysses to create content.


I didn’t create all the content on this site. Many people worked on this project as part of a large team. The main areas I worked are explained below.

UX Writing

Putting words to sound

Every key moment was presented on a timeline. These key moments shared the sound of the crowd, which needed a description to add context and meaning to the moment.

UX Writing

Players of the match

We used the data to measure the top supported players as measured by the sound of the crowd. I was required to create a summary of each players performance, but also explore the loudest moments in the match to explain why the support swelled for a player in that moment.

UX Writing

Explaining social ripples

The team used data analysis to also measure fan energy beyond the Allianz Arena. Part of my role was to add meaning to the numbers before, during, and after the game.

UX Writing

Attack vs Defence

I also needed to give context to the key moments in attack and defence. This meant revisiting the key goals, near misses and heroic defending throughout each match. The interesting thing about this was that crowd’s biggest reactions did not always reflect the match reporting or my own view.

UX Writing

Goals, goals, goals

Goals are the defining factor of most football matches, and the sound of the crowd reflected this. I revisited the build-up play and the goals to accurately describe why the stadium erupted, and what they were witnessing.