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Babylon Health is a digital healthcare service providing AI diagnosis via chatbot and VoD calls with human doctors.


I was responsible for design better conversations via the AI experience, create advertising and website copy, as well as create a strategy for content delivery across all channels.

Conversation Design

Talking to patients

A key deliverable was improving the doctor / patient relationship between an AI chatbot and the user. The medical questions could be very transactional and personal, so recreating the tone and delivery of a GP appointment was crucial to success.


Digital Ads

There was a need to launch an NHS 111 service in trial areas. I was briefed with creating concise information about the launch for SoMe.


Home testing kits

Creating clear, friendly instructions for home testing kits meant understanding the user journey thoroughly. We needed to create a sense of accuracy, while being friendly. I worked closely with product designers to recreate the home testing environment.


Marketing stuff

Part of my role was also to produce consistent tone and language across all channels.

UX Writing

Voice guidelines

Keeping things consistent meant creating a guide for others to follow. After a lot of research and employee interviews, I was able to produce a tone of voice guide that covered the company values and writing principles.

UX Writing

Doctor app

I also defined the the voice of the chatbot, using a doctor persona, to ensure users experienced the level of comfort they need from a medical professional. The key here was deliver expert medical advice without impacting the personal aspect of healthcare.