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The creators wanted to explore the relationship between social media and social change. The world was focused on the #metoo at the time, so the client wanted to combine data visualization and storytelling to give a snapshot of the movement.

Data visualization takes complex data and presents it in an accessible. So the goal was create a narrative partner these beautiful, interactive visuals.


To add a story to assist compelling visuals, create a narrative of growth, consistent UI language.

The narrative

A story of growth

Visually, the client created the concept of a dandelion to illustrate tweets with more than 1K retweets and their popularity – comments, likes and retweets. While the dandelion is considered a pest, it is also beautiful flower symbolising endurance, growth, and change.
We then designed content to support this concept, using themes of growth, pollination and spreading seeds to paint the picture.

The ui


Each dandelion seed represented a tweet from the movement, captured in time and place. Users could highlight each seed to experience a different story. We used the concept of plants taking root and early growth to reflect this early movement.

end product

A data viz project

The end result was an interactive website using a ‘scrollytelling’ approach. The user explores the timeline of #metoo while scrolling down the page.

Individual dandelion seeds represent interactive tweets that trended during the movement, creating a visually exciting snapshot of the movement’s impact on social media and social change.